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Steel Processing

With the long term experience in metalworking, in 2002 Alba Srl decided to invest in this sector, inaugurating the department of blanking presses for processing stainless steel and brass.
Thanks to presses for molding and punching, we can produce internally all the elements which are necessary for the manufacturing of the finished product.

We carry out blanking, drawing, coining and stamping of metal components.
We can apply your logo on some of the parts by stamping or by means of laser marking we can also perform surface coating with PVD.

Alba Srl has an internal workshop for both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of all equipment and the also the creation of small molds which are designed by our R&D department.

What is PVD?

The acronym PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) indicates a method of coating surfaces by deposition of thin films of evaporated metal material.

The PVD allows us to have a wide range of available colors.

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